How to make Perferated Mesh in 3ds max

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Skills required: Basic knowledge
Tutorial Difficulty: easy
Source Files included: Yes

Ok in this tutorial iam going to show you how to model some perforated steel in 3ds max. I have look all over the internet on tutorials about modeling this but i really couldnt find any that didnt involve using opacity maps so i decided to create this tutorial for any of you who are having the same problem.This is a really easy model to make so this will be a really quick tutorial but if you get stuck for some reason i have provide you with the source files as well so lets get started here.

Tutorial By Logan Kenesis


Step 1: Create a nice square plane

Ok now the first step is to create a simple plane in your viewport and here are the numbers that you should use for your plane below.

3ds plane

Step 2: Convert it to Editable Poly

Alright that was the kids stuff now its time to move on to modeling this thing out. So first what we have to do is is convert our plane to an editable poly to do this simply right click on your plane and click on the button labeled "Convert To:" after that another window will popup and from this window click Convert to Editable Poly.

editable poly

Step 3: Moving the Vertices

Now go into your modifier panel and from the editable poly drop down list choose vertex. What we are going to be doing here is using the chamfer to make are mesh just right so first off i want you to select this pattern of vertices below .

(Select all the red vertices).

Vertex Selection

Ok now its time to use the Chamfer so go back into your modify panel and choose Chamfer and type in these numbers into the chamfer window.


Ok you still with me? good now what we are going to do here is select the vertices with in the diamonds so select this pattern of veritces below.


Now once again hit the Chamfer button with the same numbers we used before and you will end up with a plane that looks like this below


Step 3 Extruding and Deleting Faces

Alright you have come this far and your almost there all that you have to do now is punch some holes in this thing and extrude the hole thing out so here is what we do. In your modify panel choose Polygon and click this pattern of polygons below then hit Delete


Ok now that you have deleted all those polygons go ahead and select all the polygons and hit extrude in your modify panel and put these numbers in for the extrude.


Ok looking good !! now the finishing touch look into your modify panel once more and scroll all the way down to the Subdivision Sureface section now check off the Use NURMS Subdivision and set the iterations number to 3 and BOOM we got our perferated mesh. Check it out

final mesh

Freakin Beautiful!! right? Ok so now you know how its done but the hole key to this is to keep your number of segments from your starting plane a even number but not only that your size should be even as well so that you can get perfect circles like we have right now.

Ok guys that completes this tutorial i hope it has helped you leave me some comments below and tell me what you think.

Additional Info:

For those of you who are wondering how to create the steel or chrome look to this model like i have in the top picture. Its really simple to do and i have included the materials to create it in the source file so just go ahead and download the source file below if your interested.But overall its just a simple raytrace map with a simple background image i created, nothing really complicated here.But if you have any questions just leave me some comments or just email me.

Projects that i have used this technique in:


End of Tutorial NOW WHAT??
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