How to make a abstract animation in 3ds max

In this turorial iam going to teach you how to make some a abstract animation.You may recognize this effect from the vista wall papper and even the imac wall papper.This will be a really easy tutorial but i also give you the theory behind every step i do at the end for those of you who want to apply these same techniques to more animations.

Tutorial By Logan Kenesis
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Step 1: Making the object

The first thing to do is to open of 3ds max obvisously , and then just make a simple Torus knot in your scene,Here are the exact parameters i put in for mine below.

Torus knot

Ok now that you have those typed in its time to make this Torus a bit more abstract and for animation as well later on.So open up your modifiers panel and add a Displace modifier.Now type in these parameters below.

Displace map

Now that takes care of the parameters but now we have to add noise map to the image slot. So with the displace panel still open click the none button under Map: and add a noise map now that you have that done open up the material editor (or just press M) and drag our noise map into a new material slot. Now once you release your mouse it will as do you want to make a copy or instance, Choose instance.

Good now the final part.We have to make some adjustments to our noise map so click on it in your material editor and put in these parameters.

noise map

Good this completes step one next up is making this thing look pretty with some more materials.Like all the tutorials i make i always make a video of me doing every step just in case you get confused so if you need a little help just watch the video below

Step 1 Video Clip



Step 2: Adding the Materials

Now i will admit i never been all that great with understanding the material editor but believe me that this wont be all that complicated.So lets go to it, Open up the material editor or just press M on your keyboard.Now to make things easy iam going to list every part of this below with all the parameter you must fill in, but like all my tutorials i can always watch the video of me doing it at the end so dont worry if you get confused.

1.Drag the diplace map we made to the opacity slot, when asked to choose instance or copy choose instance

2.Click the self illumination check box (the color will turn black afterwards)

3. Add a falloff to the self illumination slot with these parameters below NOTE (you will notice a gradient map in the white color slot i will give you the parameters for this in the next part)

self illumination falloff

4.While still in the self illumination falloff add a gradient map to the white color slot.Now add the parameters below and adjust the mix curve as shown

gradient map

5.Now we add a another falloff map to the diffuse slot and set it with these parameters

diffuse map


6.Next check mark the 2 sided box. Now finally open the extented parameters panel and set the advanced transparency to additive and click the assign material to selection button. Perfect now your done with this step now its time to move on to the last step.

extended parameters


Step 2 Video Clip


Step 3: Abstract Animation

Now this part is not all that easy only because there is really no right way to do its just a matter of what look your going for, but what you want to do here is zoom the perspective view in very close to get a nice smooth abstract look.

Once you have decided on a perspective view its time to add our animation so go into the material editor and click on the map we made for our displace map and click auto key and drag the slider however many frames of animation you like i choose 100 frames.Once you have that done raise the phase parameter in on the map to 20.5 then click auto key once again.Ok now so that we can get a nice smooth abstract render we are going to add a mesh smooth modifier to the object.Now we render and BOOOM we now have a nice abstract background to use as a film intro, wall papper or any thing else you can think of.I hope this tutorial was helpfull to all of you, but if not leave me some comments or questions below.

Here is my render i came up with.

abstract render

Step 3 Video Clip



End of Tutorial NOW WHAT??
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