WWE RAW Animation

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Author: Logan Kenesis
Runtime: 33 seconds
Resolution: 720x486


About This Animation

Ok all your Raw fans this one is for you! After seeing the Raw intro so many times i finally decided to make my own. Now of course this doesnt look exactly like the one on tv but i just wanted to capture the same concept and it turned out pretty good. Now you can use this thing in any type of fan you tube video of raw but this has many other themes and situations it can be used with like text transitions dvd menus and more.This thing took almost a week to render so i really hope you guys enjoy this. i dont wanna feel like i made this for nothing haha. So download it try it out and give me some feed back below in the comments section.Well thats all for now guys cya on the next animation release.


Thanks for watching and dont forget to comment.

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