Money Burning Free Video Background

Author: Logan Kenesis
Runtime: 30 Seconds
Resolution: 1920x1080


About This Animation

Hey guys its been awhile since my last upload but iam back now and thanks to one of my clients actually backing out of this project mid way through without paying for it (Bad for me but good for you). Some one emailed me asking about a money project they wanted to do but i never heard from them again so i just decided to take this project and just finish it up and give it away for free. Its a pretty simple animation actually. Just money with a few fire embers and smoke but makes for a cool intro.Also you may notice i didnt use any music this time because as many of you know you tube plays dirty when it comes to audio and copyright (Even with your own music you make from scratch) but for now iam not using any cool background music like i usually do. So enjoy guys and to download this one make sure you visit the website below and also i want to give a special thanks to those of you that donated this month it really helps thanks!!


Thanks for watching and dont forget to comment.

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