Free Video Backgrounds

Heaven animation Heaven

Here is just another nice smooth worship style background for all you churchs folks out there. Very effective for text displays or intros.

sparkles explode NOW!!

This one you may remember from the coming soon animation, And after getting a request for one that says NOW!! well here it is.

Energy spore Energy Spore

OOOOHHH GLOWY! Yeah you guessed it another abstract glowy type of animation very cool looking.

Muscial note animation Musical Note

There is not much music related animation here so i decided just to add this one to the collection. Its a note with tons of particles coming off of it.

9mm Shell Bounce Smoking Gun

This one took me awhile to do but and i wasnt really sure what i would do with it. So for now iam just seeing if any of you can use it.

galaxy-after-effects Galaxy

Celebrating our new sister site i decided to bring this animation over here for those of you who dont use after effects or have no idea what it is. A great animation for space themes.

news earth Glass Earth

This animation is simply a spinning earth loop i created for a template on and i decided to make this animation available on givemefreeart. So have fun guys !!

Ghost Animation Halloween Ghost

Happy Halloween !! This one is is short but its still a pretty cool scary animation for a transition.

Free Fire Animation Fire Storm

This one comes diretly from and you guys can thank Nathan for emailing me requesting this one be added to this site as a background.

Free Marketing Animation Big Sale

Ok christmas time is coming up fast and this is just a little something more for the marketers / online business guys. So if you have a sell and need a animation... well you got it!!

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