Free Video Backgrounds

sparkles overlay Sparkles Overylay Loop

This animation was suggested by Nena so you have her to thank for this one. This animation is a cool sparkle effect to overlay on top of slide shows.

sparkles explode Sparkles Explode Overlay

Just like the first sparkles overylay animation but this one is an explode effect. Works well for transitions

wind particles Wind Glow Particles Overlay

This Animation is fresh out of the request box. You can thank our member sheerfe4r for this one. This is simply particles flowing in the wind with a nice glow.

fire animation Rage Streaks

Iam not sure what you could call this but its red / fire look is pretty nice and its just waiting for you to use it. Have Fun!!!

Hexagon Animation Hexagon Flow

You get a gold star if you can guess what this is (haha). Yea thats right is a bunch of hexagons. This one is one of my favorites because of its slow smooth motion.

Steel Door Closing Closing Metal Doors

This is a great transition animation for just about anything. 2 metal doors come down hard shaking the screen and releasing sparks all over the place. Great stuff haha!!

Snow Flake Animation Snow Flake Fall

Its Christmas time once again, and for those of you who need a nice snow flake animation this should really help you out.

Snow Globe Animation Snow Globe

This Christmas animation is just a simple snow globe i was trying to create but really didnt have that much time to put much work into but its still useful.

happy birthday animation Happy Birthday Balloons

Here we have a nice celebration style animation for birthdays, parties and more. This animation is simply balloons flying up into the sky very colorful and very useful.

Bullet Shells Animation Bullet Rain

This animation is a ton of rifle shells raining down the the ground and slow motion. Great for a action video intro.

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