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Coming Soon Text Animation Coming Soon Text

This animation was just a shot in the dark for me. I have no idea if any one will actaully use this thing but hey its here and ready to go. works well for endings of trailer / ad videos.

Count Down Timer Sound Wave Count Down Timer

Yes thats right another count down timer. If any of you play video games you might notice this looks a bit like the modern warefare 2 title.

Opening Animation Opening Credits Animation

Yet again you guys get to benefit from my mistakes. this time its because of a client cancelled a project in the middle of it working on it. This one a title sequence i was doing but now its all yours.

Romance Animation Heart Emma Heart

I have always planned to do romance themed animations and thanks to givemefreeart member Emma, she gave me the idea to make this. So if you like this one you have her to thank.

Energy Ball Animation Energy Ball

Once again we have another animation request answered with this static ball animation. Alan Stanwyck suggested i create this one and here it is. Have fun with this one every body!

Pixie Dust Animation Fairy Dust Gold

I have gotten many request for a second fairy dust animation and so here it is... a nice golden color with some smooth motions to it as well. If you enjoyed the first fairy dust animation you will love this one too.

DVD intro Fast Lane Titles

A lot of people have joked about this animation and said to me " Hey its the pokemon background when they do somthing dynamic".... well its not a pokemon animation but works great for fast moving text titles.

fast lane Fast Lane Waves Titles

Just like the first fast lane animation this just has waves added to it.

Abstract Animation Abstract Dream

Nothing to special here just another abstract background i came up with that has sort of a dream feel to it.

News Report Lower Third News Report (Lower Third)

This animation is the same stuff you see on the news and cnn alll the time at the bottom of the screen. Just place what ever text you have on this and you got your own news channel.

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