Free Video Backgrounds

Waves Animation Cinemark Wave

Now this one was inspired by watching the previews at the theater. I spotted this cool effect of some 3d squares moving in a wave so i decided to try my hand at it and here is what i came up with.

Dna Animation DNA

I always wanted to make some medical animations but never really had any use for them so i decided to make some just for you guys. Maybe some of you will find this usefull.

Sparkles Animation Under water Sparkles

This animation was created to match some sound tracks for a short film opening scene but never really worked out. So now its all yours i hope you like it.

Abstract Noise Animation Abstract Noise

I really have no idea how to name this one but this one is a ton of tiny particles moving at random in the air.... not much more i can say.

Count Down Timer Count Down Timer

This one comes directly from the request box, so thank our member "The Professional" for this one.Count down timers are cool and usefull and so i tried my hand at it and this is what we got.

Worship waves Worship Waves

This animation i made for a program called easy worship but i just couldnt get it to come out the way i wanted , but it still looks good and now its yours to use in your videos.

Dice roll animation Dice Animation (slow motion)

I got the idea to make these dice thanks to the request box here at givemefreeart. This animation is a slow motion animation of dice rolling while red sparkles shoot out.

Stars and stripes Stars And Stripes

Once again this one comes right from the request box.This is an american flag made out of bright sparkles waving in the air.

American flag animation Stars And Stripes Rotation

This is the same as the first stars and stripes animation but now with a rotation.

Sport Center Animation All Star animation

I got the idea to make this one from watching sports center, they always have cool little effects.But this animation is simply a huge star with smaller stars pushing out of it.

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