Free Video Backgrounds

Universe Crazy Universe

In this animation i created a really really strange space universe / nebula or what ever you want to call it with a random camera motion

Fantasy Background Animation Fantasy Text Background Animation

This animation is for displaying text transitions.The theme to this is for fantasy style videos. If you need a cool background animation then this one is a must have.

Fiary Dust Animation Fairy Dust

Once again here is some more glowy stuff for you to mess around with. A really nice slow moving dust trail that you can use for text transitions

Paycheck Puzzle Animation Pay Check Puzzle

Well you guys know me, i always like to copy stuff from the movies and this one comes from the movie paycheck. Well its not an exact copy but it inspired me to make this.

WWF Raw Intro animation WWE RAW!

This one is for all the Raw fans out there that need a cool intro for there you tube videos.Now of course this one has many ways it can be used but i will leave that up to you enjoy!!

Free Fireworks animation Sparks

Here we have a interesting looking new years day type of animation. its just a lot of sparks flying all over the place as they hit the ground.This one can be used in many projects so just let your imagination do the work here.

Silk Animation Silk Revisited

Well you guys asked for it and here it is another silk animation just for you. This time around its longer and with nice shade of blue and green.

Free Worship Animation Golden Worship

This one is exactly what i looks like! a nice golden church cross with some nice sparkles coming out of it.This one is a must have if your doing any kinda of church video.

Galaxy animation Orbital Sparkles

Yea yea i know more glowy stuff. But hey this stuff works great for just about anything. This one is simply some dots rotating in circles not much nore to say here.

Matrix animation Matrix Tentacles

This is just a abstract animation a created with a lot of reflections. this animation has nothing to do with the matrix movie, but its still a cool animation for any sci fi film / project your doing

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