Free Video Backgrounds

Free Christmas Gift Background

Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts floating in snow! sounds weird but look great, iam sure you will make good use of this one.

Free Happy New Year Background

Happy New Year (3 Clips)

The very first happy new year video background at givemefreeart. You get 3 camera shots to edit and mess around with so have fun.

Heart Beat Video Background

Heart Beat (4 Clips)

A really nice heart beat animation with 4 clips for you to edit and modify how ever you like .

Free News Lower Third

News Lower Third (4 Clips)

News lower thirds i dont do to often so now you have one to use. i know you will love this one

Free like subscribe button

Like Subscribe button

Very simple like subscribe button for your you tube channels.

Versus video background

Versus Screen

I know you seen these in just about every fighting game but now you have your very own to use in your videos.

Shockwave free video background

Shockwave (Gamers)

Still in the spirit of gamers stuff so here is a shockwave for some of your intro videos.

Flame Motion Background

Flame Ring

Flame ring i created after getting a email suggesting i create another ring of fire type of animation.

Light Wall Motion Background

Light Wall Loops

You have seen these before some times in music videos or night clubs. But now you have your own to use have fun

Electric ball

Electric Ball Sci Fi Loop

Crazy looking electric ball works great for sci fi videos.

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