Free Video Backgrounds

Tron Animation

Digital Rain

Kinda reminds me of tron.. i dont know why. But anyway this is a nice rain effect or abstract stuff falling so enjoy.

Free Space Animation Vortex / Worm hole

Worm hole or galaxy call it what you want but its all yours now. Works great for sci fi stuff.

Easy Worship Loop

Church Cross Loop

Thanks to a request to one of our members request i created this loop for all of you that have church videos.

Microphone Loop

Microphone Loop

Cool looking spinning microphone loop.


Baby Lullaby Background

Nice smooth slow stars and clouds animation

Subscribe button

Free You Tube Subscribe Button

A You Tube Subscribe button YAY!!

Rain Lights

Rain Lights

Just some rain falling to the ground with some cool looking lights on them really nice for slow background music

Blocks Animation


Cool looking blocks moving up in slow motion for creating titles to your videos.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Background

Just another birthday background but this time its made out of balloons

Happy Birthday

Chrstmas Balls 3 Pack

Once again i created another christmas ball animation have fun!!

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