Free Video Backgrounds

Light Bulb Animation Free

Bright IDEA

All right i dont know what the hell happend here but it was a light bulb that went wrong but still usefull.

Free Basket Ball Animation Basket Ball Rotate Loop

Just like the one above this is a left over of a basket ball template. I know how all of you love loops so here ya go.

Basket Ball Loop

Basketball Shock

This background is just left overs from a huge basketball template i was doing at the time that wouldnt fit into the project, so now its all yours.

Free Fire Animation Loop Fired UP!!

This is actually a after effects project converted to a background so check if you rather have that one.

Count Down Loop Count Down BREAKER!!

here we have a nice looong count down timer from 0 to 10 that breaks apart on each number

Chain Animation Chain!

A Chain intro to make your short films look awesome

Christmas Tree Christmas Tree

Finally we have a true christmas tree.... well sorta ... a glowy christmas tree

Free money video background Money Burning

This one is just some money and fire embers moving around in the air pretty cool background for a currency intro.

Piano Video Background Piano Keys

Not much here but a very nice piano octave with glass keys. I know you will find some kind of use for this.

Fire Ball Video Background Fire Ball "ANIMATION #100!! "

This animation comes from my first tutorial at But for those of you that dont have the tools to follow the tutorial here are the final results you can use for your projects.

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